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After attending Cornell University for her undergraduate education, Dr. Dharmini pursued a doctorate in dentistry and Ph.D. in dental and craniofacial skeletal biology at the University of Connecticut. With great appreciation and understanding of the growth and development of the pediatric patient her understanding of restructuring the adult patient ensued. Following her passions, she was accepted to the very unique and highly competitive residency program that combined both pediatric dentistry and orthodontics of all ages at the University of California Los Angeles and has degrees in both specialties.

Dr. Dharmini’s passion for the oral health of her patients spans from cavity to crooked tooth and everything in between with the utmost concern to establish a highly esthetic result.  Furthermore, Dr. Dharmini recognizes the highly sensitive position of providing care for children, “It is my goal to make sure patients from my practice do not develop the anxiety towards the dentist that is so prevalent.”  With her strong focus on children, Dr. Dharmini also enjoys the opportunity to engage with adolescents and adult patients for their orthodontic care, understanding the approach for one patient is never identical to the next.  To this extent she tailors her treatment to each individual’s needs. According to Dr. Dharmini, “the ability to shape and create each patient’s best self through orthodontic treatment and the impact it has on a person’s health and well-being is absolutely priceless.“ This commitment to her patients and her profession is what drives her to excel.  As a member of the evergreen family dental practice, she invites you and your family to a new patient exam and/or orthodontic consultation. Outside of practice, Dharmini enjoys the weekends running after her “boys”, playing with the dogs in the yard, and finding the time to cook a new dish.

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Dr. Youngblood states, “The mouth is not separate from the body and as such its health can have an impact on one’s systemic health.”  While earning his doctorate at Oregon Health and Science University he focused on re-establishing the health of his patients with an emphasis on comfort and esthetics. “The techniques of generations past have deterred and even scared patients from dental care for multiple reasons. We utilize an array of techniques to not only dissolve those fears, but promote long term health.”  With all this in mind, he notes that knowing the patient and their needs is the key to successful treatment. “Often life events will change the way in which we approach, initiate, or even delay treatment.”

Outside of the office Dr. Youngblood is captivated with his growing family and the raising of his sons, Luka and Nikhil Youngblood.  Since then he has been completely enamored with their advancements, from learning to sit up, walk and even mastering of the words “please” and “thank you.”  In actuality, engaging in a conversation about his family will ensure a plethora of pictures and nearly endless stories.  Dr. Youngblood is very excited to introduce his family to yours and share their daily adventures……over a good chuckle.